Amit M. Manthanwar – Research Areas

Research is focused on the dynamic design, optimisation and control of physical, chemical and energy systems. Theoretical and algorithmic contributions made in the area of model predictive control for linear and classes of nonlinear systems using mixed integer linear programming, linear matrix inequality based mixed integer convex programming and multi-parametric programming. Developed theory, algorithms and software tools for the industrial implementation of optimisation and advanced process control technology. Developed state-of-the-art fully automated fully integrated fuel cell test facility and experimentally contributed to the investigation of multi-scale fuel cell systems.

Current research and key areas of interests

  • Mathematical Modelling

    • Renewable Energy Systems

    • Sustainable Process Design

  • Mathematical Optimisation

    • Convex Optimization

    • Deterministic Optimization

    • Multi-Parametric Programming

  • Optimal Control

    • Covariance Bounded Control

    • Model-based Predictive Control

    • Robust Model Predictive Contorl

    • Hybrid Model Predictive Control

  • Fuel Cell Energy Systems

    • Experimental Investigation of Fuel Cell Phenomena

    • Development and Deployment of Operational Strategies

  • Smart Manufacturing

    • Cloud Platform Reference Architecture

    • Embedded Systems and Digital Automation

    • Networking, Data Communication and Security

    • Contextualization and Workflow Orchestration